March 21, 2016

"Between the borders" © STMTS 2016

"Between the borders"Acrylics on canvas/95x80cm/ © STMTS 2016

January 10, 2016

Benaki Museum - "A.Tassos 1914-1985"

Benaki Museum - "A.Tassos 1914-1985"

STMTS was invited as the young artist to create an artwork as a tribute to the greek legendary artist A.Tassos and make a "dialogue" with his work. The artwork of STMTS entitled "Tribute to Tassos Alevizos" exhibited next to 125 artworks of A.Tassos in his representative exhibition at the Benaki Museum from 03/12/2015 until 31/01/2016, exhibition curation by Irene Orati.
 All photos by STMTS © 2015.